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BeethovenInGermanPolitics1970-1989_DavidBDennis Beethoven in German Politics, 1870 – 1989

The use made of Beethoven and his music in Germany
Author: David B. DENNIS
Yale University Press
251 pages – 1996
ISBN : 0-300-06399-7.

BeethovenAndTheFrenchRevolu Beethoven and the French Revolution

Not the great book I expected on this subject
Author: Bishop Fan S. NOLI
International Universities Press
126 pages – 1947.

BeethovenInFrance_LeoSchrad Beethoven in France, the growth of an idea

Author: Leo SCHRADE
Yale University Press
172 pages – 1942.

BeethovenAndTheAgeOfRevolution_FridaKnight Beethoven and the Age of Revolution

Author: Frida KNIGHT
Lawrence & Wishart
206 pages – 1973
ISBN : 0-85315-266-7.

BeethovenDieGeschichteSeinerFamilie_JosephSchmidtGorg Beethoven – Die Geschichte seiner Familie

Genealogic study 
Author: Joseph SCHMIDT-GÖRG
Verlag Beethoven Haus Bonn
272 pages.

DerBriefAnDieUnsterblicheGeliebte Der Brief an die Unsterbliche Geliebte

Letter and comments (several languages)
Author : Ludwig van BEETHOVEN
Verlag Beethoven-Haus Bonn
2001 – 50 pages
ISBN: 3-88188-045-3.

BeethovenJournal_2000Vol15Nb1 The Beethoven Journal – Summer 2000 – Volume 15 – Number 1

In favour of Almerie Esterhazy
Author: Joroslav CELEDA
Pages 2 to 18
ISSN: 1087-8262.

ImmortalBeloved_GailAltman Beethoven : a man of his word – Undisclosed Evidence for his immortal Beloved

In favour of Anna Marie Erdödy
Author: Gail S. ALTMAN
Anubian Press
429 pages
ISBN: 1-888071-00-1.

Beethoven_MaynardSolomon_En (1) Beethoven

In favour of Antonie Brentano
Author: Maynard SOLOMON
Publisher: Schirmer Books
554 pages – 2001 (2nd revised edition)
ISBN: 0825672686.

BeethovensBeloved_DanaStreichen  Beethoven’s Beloved

Author : Dana STEICHEN
Doubleday & Company, Inc.
Garden City, New York
526 pages – 1959.

ArchidukeRudolph Archidule Rudolph, Beethoven’s Patron, Pupil and friend

His Life and Music 
Author: Susan KAGAN
Pendragon Press
1988 – 353 pages
ISBN: 0-945193-45-9.

PhilatelicBeethoven_GeorgeHardman The philatelic Beethoven

Author: Dr George HARDMAN
Edited by Author
February 1999
188 pages.

MaxKlinger_BarbaraJohn Max Klinger : Beethoven

The statue of Beethoven by Max Klinger 
Author: Barbara JOHN
October 2004 – 80 pages and about 60 pictures
ISBN: 3865020909.

KlimtBeethoven_JeanPaulBouillon Klimt: Beethoven, the Freize for the Ninth symphony

Historic presentation of the Beethoven freize by Klimpt
Author: Jean-paul BOUILLON
Editions Skira Flammarion
1986 – 110 pages
ISBN: 2-605-00078-8.

BeethovenGlorifiedInStatues_FaribaJoubineAlai Beethoven glorified in Statues

Presentation of statues of Beethoven
Author: Fariba Joubine ALAI
Homa Publishers Limited
2000 – 80 pages
ISBN: 0-9538109-0-9.

DasDramaBeethovenErlebtVonBourdelle Das Drama Beethoven erlebt von Bourdelle

More than 75 pictures of Beethoven, following Bourdelle
Presentation by Michel DUFET
Arted, Éditions d’Art, Paris
After 1957
96 pages.

ErinnerungenAnBeethoven_Skizzen_Zeichnungen_Karikaturen Erinnerungen an Beethoven: Skizzen, Zeichnungen, Karikaturen

Sketches, drawings and cariacatures of Beethoven
Beethoven-Haus Bonn
32 pages – 1987.

BeethovensHair_RusellMartin Beethoven’s Hair

Historic and Scientific exploration into a lock of Beethoven’s hair.
Author: Russell MARTIN
Blomsbury Publishing
2000 – 176 pages
ISBN : 0-7475-5340-8.

FatalLinks_GailSAltman Fatal links – The curious death of Beethoven and the two Napoleons

An inquest into Beethoven’s death and it’s possibly similarity to the poisoning of Napoleon
Author : Gail S. ALTMAN
Anubian Press
1999 – 228 pages
ISBN: 1-888071-02-8.

MusicAndMedecine  Music & Medecine – Haydn, Mozart, Beethoven, Schubert : Notes on their lives, works and medical history

111 pages about Ludwig van Beethoven
Author: Anton NEUMAYR
Medi-Ed Press
1994 – 447 pages
ISBN: 0-936741-05-8.

DieKrankheitLvBeethovens  Die Krankheiten L. v. Beethovens

Authors: Hans BANKL – Hans JESSERER
Verlag Wilhelm Maudrich
1987 – 147 pages
ISBN: 3-85175-453-0

DreiBegrabnisseUndEinTodesfall_BeethovenHausBonn Drei Begräbnisse und ein Todesfall

Authors: Beethoven-Haus Bonn und Museum für Sepulkralkultur, Kassel
Verlag Beethoven-Haus Bonn
2002 – 252 pages
ISBN: 3-88188-073-9.

ChangingImageOfBeethoven_AlessandraComini The changing Image of Beethoven

Author: Alessandra Comini
Rizzoli International Publications
480 pages
ISBN: 0-8478-0617-0.

LudwigVanBeethoven_GustavLBaranyai_ Ludwig van Beethoven

Remarkably illustrated dossier
Author: Gustav L. de BARANYAI
Herausgegeben von der Beethoven Gesellschaft
München – 1970
216 pages.

BeethovenUndDieNachwelt_ Beethoven und die Nachwelt

Beethoven and his destiny
Authors : collective
Beethoven-Haus Bonn
250 pages.

BeethovenHauser_BeethovenHausBonn Beethoven-Häuser

The places where Beethoven lived in
Authors: collective
Verlag Beethoven-Haus Bonn
2001 – 96 pages
ISBN: 3-88188-066-6.

DreiBegrabnisseUndEinTodesfall_BeethovenHausBonn Drei Begräbnisse und ein Todesfall

Beautiful Book about Beethoven’s last days and after
Authors: Beethoven-Haus Bonn and Museum für Sepulkralkultur in Kassel
Verlag Beethoven-Haus Bonn
2002 – 252 pages
ISBN: 3-88188-073-9.

BeethovenAndEngland_PamelaJWilletts Beethoven and England

An account of sources in the British Museum
The Trustees of the British Museum
76 pages.

Beethoven_ComposersMemorialRooms_VilleDeVienne_ Beethoven

Guide to the museum at Vienna – Pasqualati House
Composer’s Memorial Room (Pasqualati House)
Historical Museum of the City of Vienna
70 pages.

BeethovenInHeiligenstadt_ Beethoven in Heiligenstadt

To know everything about Beethoven at Heiligenstadt
Herausgegeben von der Wiener Beethoven-Gesellschaft
18 pages.

VereinBeethovenHausBonn1889-1964 Verein Beethoven-Haus Bonn 1889-1964

Presentation on and documents about the association
Beethoven-Haus Bonn
1964 – 64 pages.

BeethovenMultimediaSymphonieIX_Microsoft Beethoven: the Ninth Symphony

Multimedia discovery of the 9th symphony
Author: Robert WINTER
Editeur: Microsoft
Collection: Microsoft Multimedia
1 cd rom

Het leven & de muziek van Ludwig van Beethoven (1770 – 1827) op Compact Discs, DVD's en Boeken

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