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BeethovenLivesUpstairs_BarbaraNichol Beethoven lives upstairs

Very nice story for kids
Author: Barbara NICOL
Illustrator: Scott Cameron
Scholastic Inc.
1995 – 48 pages
ISBN : 0-590-50830-X.

WhyBeethovenThrewTheStew_StevenIsserlis Why Beethoven threw the stew…

Some amusing stories about the great composers
Author: Steven ISSERLIS
Faber and Faber
2001 – 144 pages
ISBN: 0-571-20616-6.

ADayWithBeethoven_MayByron A day with Ludwig van Beethoven

A day in the life of Beethoven
Author: May BYRON
Hodder and Stoughton
Collection: Days with the Great Composers –
46 pages.

BeethovenEtLEpoqueClassique_En Beethoven and the Classical Age

A discovery book with beautiful illustratations
Author: Andrea BERGAMINI
Barrons Juveniles
64 pages – February 1999
ISBN: 0764151339.

LudwigVanBeethoven_YoungComposer Ludwig van Beethoven – Young Composer

Author: Louis SABIN
Illustrator: Ellen BEIER
1992 – 46 pages
Troll Association
ISBN: 0816725128.

GeetingToKnowBeethoven Ludwig Van Beethoven (Getting to Know the World’s Great Composers)

Author: Mike VENEZIA
1996 – 32 pages
Children’s Press
ISBN: 0516200690.

 41dnpfTwdBL._BO1,204,203,200_ Ludwig Van Beethoven : Musical Pioneer
(Rookie Biographies)

Author: Carol GREENE
Illustrator: Steven DOBSON
1990 – 48 pages
Children’s Press
ISBN: 0516442082.

FamousChildrenBeethoven Beethoven (Famous Children Series)

Author: Ann Rachlin
Illustrator: Susan Hellard
1994 – 24 pages
Barrons Juveniles
ISBN: 0812019962.

IntroducingBeethoven Introducing Beethoven (Introducing Composers)

Author: Roland VERNON
2000 – 32 pages
Chelsea House Publications
ISBN: 0791060381.

BeethovenLifeAndTime Beethoven (Lives and Times)

Author: Wendy LYNCH
200 – 24 pages
Heinemann Library
ISBN: 1575722151.

LudwigVanBeethoven_DavidBrownell Ludwig van Beethoven

Author: David BROWNELL
Illustrator: Nick TAYLOR
1979 – 64 pages
Bellerophon Books
ISBN: 0-88388-057-1.

ChildrensOwnBook_Beethoven  Child’s own Book of Great Musicians: Beethoven

The story of a little boy who was forced to practice
Author: Thomas TAPPER
Theodore Presser Co, Philadelphia
1917 – 16 pages.

Cd_BeethovenForBabies Beethoven for Babies: Brain Training for Little Ones

Conductor: Neville MARRINER
Performer: Bruno Canino, Severino Gazzelloni, et al.
Polygram Records – #462711

Cdrom_MeetTheGreatComposers_Pianomouse Pianomouse Meets the Great Composers – Volume 1

Windows 95/98/ME
Pentium 200MHz – 32 MB RAM – 64 MB HD space
Windows-compatible soundcard
800 x 600, 32-bit color display
24x CD-ROM Drive.

Video_BeethovenLivesUpstairs Beethoven lives upstairs

Author: Barbara NICOL
Director: David Levine
Featured Actors: Sheila McCarthy, Neil Munro, Fione Reid, Albert Schultz, Illya Woloshyn
1989 – 52 minutes – Color.

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