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BiographyOfAGenius_GeorgeRMarek Beethoven: Biography of a Genius

A reference biography in English
Author: George R. MAREK
Funk & Wagnalls, NY,
696 pages.

Beethoven_HCRobbinsLandon Beethoven

The 1970 edition is the best version, but abridged newer versions are also available
The World of Art Library
Music – Arts book Society
1975 – 216 pages.

Book about Beethoven Beethoven: Impressions by His Contemporaries

Author: Oscar SONNECK
Dover, 1967 – reprint from 1927.

BeethovenAndHisWorld_ScottBurnham Beethoven and his world

Author: Scott BURNHAM
Princeton University Press
350 pages – 2000
ISBN: 0691070725.

BeethovenHisSpiritualDevelopment_JohnWSullivan Beethoven: His Spiritual Development

Author: J. W. N. SULLIVAN
Mentor 1949,
or Vintage Books, 1960.

ThayersLifeOfBeethoven_Elliot Forbes_Vol1 Life of Beethoven

A reference biography in English
Author: Alexander Wheelock THAYER
Revised and edited by Elliot FORBES
Princeton University Press – 1967 – 1 141 pages
Two volumes – ISBN: 0-691-02717-X and 0-691-02718-8.

BeethovenConstructionGenius_TiaDenora Beethoven and the Construction of Genius: Musical Politics in Vienna, 1792-1803

Work about Beethoven’s first years in Vienna
Author: Tia DENORA
University of California Press
32 pages – 1996
ISBN: 0520088921.

EditionBeethoven_JosephSchmidtGorg_En Ludwig van Beethoven

Short biography and long presentation of works. Superbly illustrated!
Author: Joseph SCHMIDT-GORG
New York: Praeger

BeethovenTheCreator_RomainRolland Beethoven

A great work by a clever scholar
Author: Romain ROLLAND
Freeport, N.Y.: Books for Libraries Press

BeethovenFirstBiography_JohannAloysSclosser Beethoven : The First Biography, 1827

If you want to read the very first biography, here it is
Author: Johann Aloys SCHLOSSER
Editor: Barry COOPER
Translator: Reinhard G. PAULY
Amadeus Press
1996 – 196 pages
ISBN: 1574670069. 

Beethoven_MaynardSolomon_En Beethoven

Almost a reference, but questionable biography 
Author: Maynard SOLOMON
Publisher: Schirmer Books
554 pages – 2001 (2nd revised edition)
ISBN: 0825672686.

LifeOfBeethoven_LouisNohl Life of Beethoven

Ancient reference biography
Author: Louis NOHL
Traduction by John H. LALOR
A.C. McClurg & Company
Collection: Biographies of Musicians
1888 – 201 pages.

AVictoriantribute_PercuMYou Beethoven, a Victorian Tribute

Based on the papers of Sir George Smart 
Author: Percy M. YOUNG
Bobson Books
1976 – 125 pages
ISBN: 0-234-77672-2.

BeethovenAnIllustratedBiography_ErnstHertticht Ludwig van Beethoven – An Illustrated Biography

Magnificent illustrated biography (also exists in German)
Author: Ernst HERTTRICH
Verlag Beethoven Haus Bonn
1999? – 112 pages
ISBN: 3-88188-060-7.

BeethovenTheComposerAsHero_PhilippeAutexier Beethoven, The Composer as Hero

With numerous illustrations
Author : Philippe AUTEXIER
New Horizons
1992 – 144 pages
ISBN : 0-500-30006-2.

LudwigVanBeethoven_LaMara Ludwig van Beethoven

Biography of the composer
Author: LA MARA
Breitkopf & Härtel, Liepzig
116 pages.

LudwigVanBeethovenSeinLebenInBildern_RichardPetzoldt_ Ludwig van Beethoven, sein Leben in Bildern

Beethoven’s life in pictures
Author: Richard PETZOLDT
Veb Bibkiographisches Institut
Leipzig – 1952
80 pages.

BolksBucherDerMusik_Beethoven Volksbücher der Musik: Ludwig van Beethoven

With 21 pictures 
Author: Gustav THORMÄLIUS
Verlag Velhagen & Klasings Volksbücher Nr. 7
1912 ?
34 pages.

BeethovenCompendium_BarryCooper The Beethoven Compendium

A very good reference book
Author: Barry COOPER
Thames and Hudson
ISBN: 0-500-27871-7
350 pages. 

BeethovenEncyclopedia_PaulNettl The Beethoven Encyclopedia, his life and art from A to Z

Remarkable reference dictionary 
Author: Paul NETTL
Citadel Press
1994 – ISBN: 0-8065-1539-2
325 pages.

BeethovenAndHisWorld_PeterClive Beethoven and his world – A Biographical Dictionary

Up-to-date reference dictionary 
Author: Peter CLIVE
Oxford Unversity Press
2001 – ISBN: 0-19-816672-9
490 pages.

BeethovenCompanion_Sherman The Beethoven Companion : a comprehensive guide to Beethoven, his life and work

A chronological presentation made from extracts of other books written by various authors from Anton Schindler to Romain Rolland and many more
Authors: Thomas K. SCHERMAN and Louis BIANCOLLI
Doubleday & Company
1972 – 1,230 pages.

Het leven & de muziek van Ludwig van Beethoven (1770 – 1827) op Compact Discs, DVD's en Boeken

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