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Beethoven as I knew him

One of the first biographies 
Author: Antoine SCHINDLER
Dover Publications
Annotated by Donald W. MacArdle
1996 – 548 pages
ISBN: 0-486-29232-0.

Beethoven remembered, biographical notes

Written by friends of Beethoven
Authors: Ferdinand RIES et F.-G. WEGELER
Great Ocean Publishers
1987 – 200 pages
ISBN: 0-915556-15-4.

Memories of Beethoven

The memoires of the young son of a friend of Beethoven, who was often with Beethoven at the end of his life
Author: Gerhard von BREUNING
Translation in English by Henry Mins and Maynard Solomon
Cambridge University Press
1995 – 154 pages
ISBN: 0-521-48489-8.

Beethoven: Impressions by his Contemporaries

Letters, diaries, memoirs, etc., by Rossini, Weber, Liszt and friends…
Author : Oscar SONNECK
Dover Publications
238 pages
ISBN: 0486217701.

 5531bd85f27ad4308fc54a2091b89654--mozart-ludwig The Life of Beethoven, including his correspondence with his friends

Aquaintences and Letters 
Author: Iganz MOSCHELES
Publication: London: H. Colburn, 1841
2 volumes.

Het leven & de muziek van Ludwig van Beethoven (1770 – 1827) op Compact Discs, DVD's en Boeken

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